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COVID-19 Precautions

Reasonable & Responsible COVID-19 Precautions

At Avenue 81 Independent Living, our number one priority is the wellbeing of our residents and staff members. We know that means taking precautions, but we also know it means allowing our residents to have the much-needed freedom to visit with friends and family members. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted the independent living COVID-19 precautions listed below.

Independent Living COVID-19 Precautions:

  • At Avenue 81, independent living residents are free to come and go as they please. This means a resident can go for a walk, take a domestic vacation, or accompany a friend to lunch with no need to self-isolate afterwards.
  • Avenue 81 independent living residents are welcome to have guests visit them. We know seeing friends and family members plays a significant role in emotional wellbeing. This is why we welcome residents to host visitors in their homes. All guests are asked to complete a health screen upon arrival, wear a face mask, and sanitize their hands frequently. We also ask residents limit their guests to a reasonable number at one time. We feel this policy is cautious and considerate of our other residents.
  • Staff are screened during each shift and must wear a facemask at all times. All Avenue 81 staff members must pass a full health screen when their shift begins. This health screen asks employees about travel, COVID-19 symptoms, and logs their body temperature. Any employee who cannot pass a health screen – for any reason – is not permitted to work. Also, all Avenue 81 employees are always required to wear a mask while working at our community.
  • A top-of-the-line air filtration system is being installed in our community. Avenue 81 is installing an ionic air filtration system. This system will remove allergens and pathogens like COVID-19 from the air within our community.
  • Health screening forms are available to all residents should they wish to monitor their own health. We’ve developed a screen sheet so residents can log their temperature and monitor other health symptoms each day. These health screening sheets are available at our front desk and residents are welcome to them at any time.
  • We’re fully committed to transparency. Should there ever be a positive staff member or resident at Avenue 81, our team will notify all residents and staff members immediately and we will work hand-in-hand with the Kansas Department of Health & Environment as well as the Johnson County Health Department to assess the situation. We 100% believe our residents and staff have every right to know if there’s a COVID-19 case in or related to Avenue 81.


Should you have any questions about Avenue 81 or our COVID-19 precautions, please call us at 913-246-3690. We look forward to hearing from you.


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